About Us

About Seraphim

Seraphim Medical Center is an innovative healthcare system to aid our clients in improving their health and making their lifestyles better. Seraphim Medical Center offers a range of premium services across functional medicine as well as aesthetic treatments and lifestyle therapies, the clinic focuses on helping people achieve and enjoy a truly vibrant life. Seraphim Medical Center offers state-of-the-art health care that is natural, holistic, and sustainable, which was first present in Indonesia and handled by our experts who work closely with international practitioners.

From birth to later in life, Seraphim Medical Center provides the necessary tools to understand you’re unique genetic makeup and to utilize it as a personalized health roadmap for total well-being. Our goal is to support our clients in living a disease-free life through personalized care related to physical health, nutrition, and mental well-being. Seraphim is the angel on your shoulder, guiding you through your life’s journey to achieve optimal health and wellness.


Vision & Mission
Seraphim Medical Center was created with the vision of supporting our clients to have healthier, fuller, and happy lives without the need to resort to pharmaceuticals and invasive treatments. Through collaboration with international partners and utilizing the latest treatments as well as technology, Indonesians can access the latest advancements in healthcare to treat autoimmune conditions and chronic diseases that previously only be treated abroad.

Our mission is to provide personalized healthcare that improves our clients’ lifestyle, overall health, and well-being to live long, happy and vibrant lives free from chronic pain and discomfort.


Our Philosophy
At Seraphim Medical Center, we take a holistic view of health which involves investigating the underlying cause of the problem and looking at the body as an interconnected whole. Using evidence-based findings from the latest research, we offer testing and treatments that are designed to naturally prevent and reverse the effects of diseases without resorting to invasive medical procedures and pharmaceuticals.

Above all, we take a patient-centered, individualized approach by treating the patient, not the disease. We are committed to respecting, empowering, and educating our clients to play an active role in the healing process to achieve a better quality of life for long-term health and well-being.